Decades of Experience is now in Betonstar...

Esser Twin, which has been operating since 1948 for customers that spread all over the World and has been producing high reliability transportation pipe systems for concrete pump manufacturers, mining companies, gravel quarries, sand factories, chemical industry, glass foundries, factory manufacturers and many other companies, includes the giants of the sector among its references every day.

We are proud to work with ESSER TWIN PIPES, the reliable address of concrete pump manufacturers specializing in high resistance pipes with the awareness of the reliability and quality we have created in concrete pumps. We think that ESSER Twin pipes, which have made a difference with their success in the sector for many years, will be the address of quality in achieving our goals.

Emphasizing the importance of being global in assembly and production supply, producing different solutions and working with experienced staff and institutions, Betonstar Assembly Director Gürcan Güneş said the following about the synergy created by the two companies:

“As you all know, our suppliers are our right and left arms in determining our roadmaps in our work and in the points leading to success. The better you work with a supplier, the less problems you will have on assembly and production lines. Working with Esser Twin today is both a privilege and a guarantee of quality, trust, and customer satisfaction for our industry. It is no longer difficult to increase product life with Esser 700 series double wall pipes. We know that the way to increase the quality of the end-product is not only with workmanship, but also with quality materials and reliable suppliers. The increasing continuation of our cooperation and work gives us the responsibility of working with a world-leading supplier. We believe that the created synergy will breathe new life into both Betonstar and Esser.”