On-site delivery starts with the delivery of the machine to our customer from the factory stock. The customer representative is contacted and the day they will start using the machine is determined.

Our service employee (Betonstar SSH technician or authorized service technician) attends the work when the machine operates on the first day of concrete casting. Pre-operation controls of the machine are made by our technician and the “pre-delivery control form” is filled. After these controls are completed, the operator is trained on safe use and maintenance. At the end of this training, the operator training report is filled and signed by the operator.

At the end of all these procedures, concrete casting is started. Our technician does not leave the work site until the machine has casted at least 30 cubic meters of concrete. If there is any problem during the first operation, it is corrected and if the operator requests the machine settings, the desired setting changes are made provided that the factory setting limits are not exceeded.

After the concrete casting is completed smoothly, the “delivery certificate” is filled and stamp and signature of the company is received. Thus, the warranty period of the machine is started.