It covers the inspection of the service building, team and equipment and service personnel of all authorized services throughout Turkey within the scope of their correct and regular work.

Visits are organized to the addresses of our authorized services at regular intervals. These visits are carried out especially without prior notice, thus enabling more realistic determinations.

In the inspections carried out, all elements from the clothes and personal care of the personnel, the cleanliness and order of the service to the adequacy of the equipment used are checked.

Detected malfunctions are reported to the service owner or his representative. In order to correct these defects, a deadline is requested from them and it is stated that they are recorded, and it is requested to see that they are corrected in the next visit.

In addition, if there is a complaint from any customer about our authorized service, this issue is definitely discussed face to face, and it is decided together what should be done to eliminate the complaint. Implementation of the decision is followed, and it is aimed to ensure customer satisfaction again.