The purpose of these trainings is to enable the operators to use the machines consciously against work accidents and malfunctions. In this context, by establishing a closer communication with the operators, their knowledge is kept under control, and our new models are introduced on this occasion.

These trainings are carried out by selecting certain companies in certain periods. The selected companies are contacted, the date of training is notified, and 1 or 2 operators are requested to be sent to our factory on that date. Training usually lasts from 1 to 2 days. For the operators gathered at the factory on the training date, a factory tour is organized first, and the innovations made in the machines are shown.

The training determined afterwards is applied. This training is mostly carried out on a machine in our factory. At the end of the training, the certificates issued by Betonstar are presented to the operators. Operators are bid farewell with small gifts.

During these trainings, wishes and complaints from the operators are listened to with great sensitivity and recorded and forwarded to the relevant departments.