Quality Policy

Our quality policy is to realize the following basic principles as the common responsibility of everyone to meet the increasing needs and expectations of our customers in the field of concrete pumps and equipment in the construction sector in a timely and complete manner.

These policies include;

  • To ensure the effective use of a quality management system according to the international standards and legislative requirements in line with the goals and objectives of our company,
  • To meet customer needs in time and with high efficiency in all products and services with the conscious participation of employees who benefit from effective management, communication and training opportunities, and to ensure an uninterrupted service process,
  • To carry out studies to continuously increase customer satisfaction and to measure the results of these, to carry out internal performance measurements/analyzes in every field and to identify areas open to improvement in time based on the results obtained and to improve them,
  • To achieve the goals of continuous improvement with a process-oriented perspective in business and resource management to comply with the requirements of the quality management system and to continuously improve efficiency,
  • To work with all our suppliers who play a role in the value creation process in cooperation and continuous development.