Thanks to our "Dealers", our biggest supporters…

It is our valuable dealers who have made the greatest contribution to the achievement of our success and goals in the sector for 13 years. Today, our dealers play the biggest role in increasing our exports and brand awareness to more than 50 countries by supporting us in different parts of the world,increasing our market share,increasing our trade volume,increasing the number of our potential and existing customers day by dayand, most importantly, giving the greatest support to us being an international company.

At the point where our institution’s reputation and brand image know no limits, the greatest gratitude goes to our dealers, who prioritize our products with their qualities even in a competitive environment.We are very grateful to all our solution partners and dealers who have made great contributions for us to be a company that was established 13 years ago and is now shown as an example in the sector with its 30 years of manufacturing industry experience, who have made their way with us in the past and are still operating in the market with us today.

Today, with our dealer network extending from Europe to Asia, from America to the Middle East, our export figures are increasing even more and the “Success in the Path of Leadership”, which is desired by every brand, is achieved together.

Yılmaz Sarıca, who has been the Overseas Sales Director of Betonstar AŞ. for many years and whose thoughts we have received on the subject, said “Our brand is positioned differently in our industry with its understanding of quality and trust.In the last 3 years, we have merely reached record levels with our export figures.We have 85% export orders for 2021.All these achievements create synergy with our dealers who support usin different parts of the world. Recently, our new dealers from Israel and Palestine joined us. Also, in the near future, our dealers will join us in two more countries with a high trade volume in Europe.All this gives us flexibility to respond quickly to customer demands against competitors and to act according to country structures.Our goal is to grow this network day by day in direct proportion to our company image and goals.”